Tuesday, November 1, 2011

... I'm back ...

Hello ~ I dunno what to put here but I think I will start doing that because I think I improve my English during the last year writing here so, may be I'll upload something with nonsense or another time, I'll post about myself and my live. But now, I don't have it clever I just want to write here and learn new words!

So let's start with my last (and first) writing it's about How to study and improve your skill. And I write here because I think is important to us. Emjoy it~

Nowadays how to study is one of huge challenges for many teenagers. And that’s why I’ll explain some skills and give you a piece of advice to make study easy to you. Let’s go!

First of all you should plan your personal timetable. You ought to be realist and sincere with yourself. Moreover, think about a reward for yourself that could help you fulfill your personal study objectives.
Furthermore to make useful notes you need to have in mind the 6R:

- Register the main ideas.
- Resume after class with key words.
- Recite the text with the help of the key words.
- Reflect on questions that can help you, reviewing 10min/day your notes.
- Recap at the end of the paper like a summary of the subject in question.

If it’s possible make a fair copy the same day you’ve given it. Also it’s helpful create clues while you try to understand what you’re copying.

To improve your reading skill there is a method called SQ3R (Survey, Question, Read, Recite and Review) consisting in:

Pay attention to titles and subtitles to ask you about what kind of information can be there. Get a slowly reading and underline the main ideas of the text. Try to read it 4 or 5 times and recite all you can. Finally check the topic once you know it and obviously, before the exam.

You don’t have to learn it by heart it’s useless to you and it isn’t called study.

And the last tip is during your exam. Once you get the exam take a deep breath and read it long and hard, do a scheme about the questions you’re going to answer and don’t waste your time with the easiest ones.
To conclude I’ll let you an exam joke:

Pupil: Great news, teacher says we have an exam today come rain or shine.
Classmate: So what's so great about that?
Pupil: It's snowing outside!

Have a nice day/night ^ ^

Monday, April 4, 2011

... MAGDALENA!!! ...

Good evening everyone!

how are you today? I'm as always, tired but I want to say that I spent an awesome week & week-end with my friends!

We had free time or as everyone who lives in Castellón knows, we were on holidays! It was Magdalena. Magdalena it is a kind of celebration which is realized to decorate the beginning of a new city, remembering how our ancestors went down of the mountain and they had established into the esplanade.

what the... excuse me, I couldn't explain it better and I got off the subject. I am not in my best moment. So, I will explain what I did this last week.

On Monday I got up with Andre. It supposed to be a homework evening but we started to talk about feelings, videos and...  At 19:45 I had to go to our local because we agreed to see us and search about Valencian local's shop. (We have a friend's marriage in September). At 10 pm we went back home.

On Tuesday... I don't remember, I just had fond memories searching more and more locals in the net.
On wednesday, I went with Fatima, Aglaya, Cynthia and Sandrita to Valencia. we were pacing up and down the city and all the shops we were visiting were expensive (dresses valued between 1,500 and 2,000€) and after that, Fatima and I met up with Sasa and Lary (we were strolling around 2 hours). When I arrived home (Felipe's house) I couldn't feel my feet...!

On Thursday we went to Aqua's shopping centre, we bought some new clothes and we were to the University to had lunch. After that, Lary showed us Bellas Artes and we stopped into La casa del estudiante/alumno amazing! Is like a big house but into the university and just for students (they have a room with a plasma TV, pool and table football and sofas where you can make a nap). Then, we met another time with Sasa and we continue with our tour visit in Valencia. At 22.30 we went with Jose & Rubén (Andre's friends) to have a pint of beers (well they were drinking it) and talk about the world and other kind of subjects. 

ah! There wasn't water in Felipe's flat during our visit (just this night)

On Friday, I went back to Benicasim with train and I went to work. At 22.20 Cynthia, Jorge, Aglaya, Patricia, Borrás, Cristian, Sandrita, Miguel and Vanesa (Madam) went to El Arrebato's concerto.

On Saturday I went to work and at 21 pm I went to the fair with Andre and her friends (It was amazing!), we went to had dinner and we spent the night meeting with other friends and talking. (I really like this group, they are so lovely with me!). Isn't strange life! (the sentence is like that, right? May be I'm the only one who can understand what I said).

On Monday, I went to work once again and when I finished, I spent all the evening and night sleeping :3

Finally, I will put some of the pictures I took during this week and I will go to sleep!

 See you next day!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

... Margay Tiger Cat ...

Hello ~

Today I'm going to talk about cats. I chose that subject because when I was in the net when I saw a new cat species. It is called Margay Tiger Cat. (is the one you can see in the picture)

I really like the cats but this, specially, not... sorry; it's cute too but, I really dislike it.

I'm going to introduce some information about the cat, enjoy it!

You might have seen many interesting animals. Did you ever come to know of Margay Tiger Cat? Well it is one of the most very well adapted for arboreal lifestyle. It is one of the rare cats which has the ability to rotate its hind legs by a factor of 180 degrees. With the help of this it can run head first, just like squirrels do. It can even hang from a branch of a tree with the help of its Hind foot.

But unfortunately it is one of the endangered species which lives in the Mexico and Argentina. They are so well adapted to life on trees that they can even spend their whole life without touching the ground even once in their life time.

See you soon!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

... Fallas ! ! ...

Hello everyone!
How are you today? Hope you're fine!
Before starting, I'm going to dedicate one minute of silence to the victims of Japan. [...]
This week was extremly odd. I sang the praises of my body. I really couldn't understand it, I'm not saying you that my body is a shit or something like that but, with regard to my body, I think I have a normal one which would be better if I were fatter than now.
On the other hand, I'm drinking a small bottle of Aloe Vera to change my alimentary's habit. It means, to increase my hunger. That's nuts but, I think I put on minimum 1 kilo just in a week. It encourages me to continue with that.

Continue with my week, we arrive to week-end (called Thursday). I went with my friends (or boyfriend's friends too) Alexandra, Debora, Capde, Jeefreey, Pepelu, Quique, Tomás, Miqueas & Felipe to Valencia because it was Fallas' holidays and Felipe & Capde suggested us to go there. We spent a wonderful evening and night! I visited Phillipon's granny *how cutie could be this person* and after that, we were playing until dinner time. We ate "Arroz A La Cubana" (its a dish with boiled rice, eggs, tomato's sauce and a few vegetables).

When we finished, we started to play with cards (I don't wanna say what kind of game *laugther*) and at 3 a.m I went to sleep. I woke up at 10 o'clock, we made Creeps and at 14 p.m I took the train to Castellón. I went to work and afterwards, I went home to had dinner and sleep.

Yesterday, I went to see "Las Fallas de Burriana" with Cynthia, Aglaya, Jorge, Cristian, Borras and Patri. I took the car and I followed Jorge until McDonals. We had dinner and then, we went to Burriana. At 00:45 we went back home. And today I worked until 14p.m. And I spent a stressful and lazy evening I never could think.

That's all, what about you?

Best wishes and have a nice week!

Picture: Neptuno's falla (it's my favourite Falla 2011)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

... just saying you ...

Good evening!

Here I am again telling you my week. It was nothing special but, I have to right here, so, be kind with me.

It started like a normal one but on Tuesday and Wednesday, I have free days becuase our English's teacher got ill (poor girl... take care!), my Documentation's teacher had another job and my Linguistic's teacher decided to change our class at 16.30 hours. So I had a sohrt holidays during those days! I made nothing (as always...) just tidy up all the house (as if it were Saturday) with my mom because she took a week off and I helped her. And I don't know whatelse I did.

But after much thought, I reached to the conclusion that the week went/goes so quickly and I didn't do anything! I'm seeing red if I thought about it so, i will not do it anymore.

However, i'll study all Tuesday and Thursday afer the university with my collegues Fatima and Andrea. It is because we want to get on with our next exams and we don't want to run out of time. So, if I hadn't have time to relax, form now on .... I don't know when... *what a pity...*

What else? I'm bored because there aren't people in the camping and we clean the hall during the morning so, Eva told me to do what I want but I can't draw here (I feel like drawing something special for me and it will attract attencion for our few visitors). In conclusion, I am going to read my french book.

someone knows where can I book an audiobook? I went to all bookshops I knew and I can not find none...

I leve you with my piggy Soun (I like his nose! is like a pig) how lovely could be a simple doll !
See you soon!

Monday, February 28, 2011

... a hard weekend ...

Good evening!

It's time to write here once again! This time, I'm telling you about my bussy and exhausting
weekend which even includes the Friday.

Last Friday was "El Día De Las Paellas" in Castellón, specifically, in our university. In this holiday, if we can tell it like that, we meet with our partners and we supposedly, eat all of us together. But as everybody knows, there are several groups into the class and we are not just one group of people, it's right we are all friends but, it is not the same.

So, I arranged with all my friends (who are my gang into and inside of the college) to met ourselves in a concret time in front of the principal's door. We spent a nice time together an
d we made some pictures which now a day, one of these, is my profile picture in Facebook. After that, we went home. I had dinner and I went to sleep because I got tired spending all the day out of home.

I was grateful to spent my last free weekend with most of my friends. I missed someone but... Thank you everyone.

Ah! Have I mentioned you that I have a little car accident? (It wasn't my fault and it is one of the reasons that get me angry) The old man injured my car when I was turning in a roundabout. I just say that I made a fool of myself but it will be the last time.

On Saturday, I went to work until 2p.m (weee! chupiem!! hahaha it's a theatre "joke") after that, I had dinner with my grand-parents and I went back to home. At 5 pm I picked up Aglaya and Cynthia and we went to the bowling alley where were my bf's friends. We were playing until we were broke and we returned to Benicasim but to our sweet club.

*In Spanish colla o peña exist but in English the word which is like that is club. - Its a place where my friends and me meet, like a house but sharing with them. *

At 10 p.m I came down to the church because I arranged to
meet with Felipe's and his/my friends to celebrate Juanjo's birthday.

On Sunday, I went to a day trip with my boyfriend's family and friends. We caught the bus and we went to a little village of Tarragona which name I can't remember. The main important point is that I tried a typical dish of this area which is known as Calçotada. It is a kind of way to eat a Calçot. It is a variety of green onion known as Blanca gran tardana in Catalan.

Uff.. I'm tired, next day I will continue with this week because it is just Monday but there are several interesting things which happened during today. So, see you if could be tomorrow if not, see you soon. Enjoy the picture ~ It's from El Día De Las Paellas. Where is Andre?!

ah!!! the last thing i will put is just a simple date for you but not for me: 28/11.

loving you ~ !

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

... 23th of February ...

I'm not feeling good... once again I don't like this mood. Furthermore it is not a good day. I got "sick" when I discovered something interesting for me. But I don't want to repeat myself expressing how I am so, I will explain because today, is an important day for La Comunidad Valenciana. To have a clever idea, i will put what I read, see you soon and enjoy your information:

23-F as we called, was an attempted coup d'état in Spain that began on 23 February 1981 and ended on the following day. It is also known as El Tejerazo from the name of its most visible figure, Antonio Tejero, who led the failed coup's most notable event: the bursting into the Spanish Congress of Deputies by a group of 200 armed officers of the Guardia Civil during the process of electingLeopoldo Calvo Sotelo to be the country's new Prime Minister. King Juan Carlos I gave a nationally televised address denouncing the coup and urging the maintenance of law and the continuance of the democratically elected government. The coup soon collapsed. After holding the Parliament and cabinet hostage for 18 hours the hostage-takers surrendered the next morning without having harmed anyone.

The coup d'état of 1981 was closely related to the events of the Spanish transition to democracy. Four elements created a permanent tension that the governing Democratic Center Union(UCD), a coalition of conservative parties, could no longer contain:

  • problems arising from the economic crisis (almost 20% unemployment coupled with capital flight and 16% inflation [1])
  • difficulties in creating devolved governments for the Spanish regions,
  • increased violence by the Basque separatist group ETA,
  • reluctance and/or opposition by a significant part of the Spanish Armed Forces to accept the newly-born democratic system, after 37 years of Franco's military government, fueled (in their opinion) by the inability of the democracy to face and handle the aforementioned problems properly.

Against this extraordinary backdrop, Calvo Sotelo introduced his government on 18 February, but in elections on the 20th he failed to obtain the necessary majority for confirmation as Prime Minister, so a new vote was scheduled for the 23rd. This was the day that the plotters had chosen for their coup attempt. It would be the result of a strong effort by Tejero and General Jaime Milans del Bosch, on the one hand, and a more subdued one by General Alfonso Armada, a confidant of the King, on the other.

The coup:
At 18:21, the different coup plots that had been fomenting since the beginning of the transition to democracy met in a coordinated action. At 18:30, led by Lieutenant-Colonel Antonio Tejero, 200 Guardia Civil agents, armed with submachine guns, interrupted the Congress of Deputies of the Spanish parliament. A cameraman recorded almost half an hour of the event, providing the world with an audiovisual record of the attempt. From the rostrum, gun in hand, Tejero ordered everyone to be silent and wait for a competent military authority, who never came.

During the shooting of several machine gun rounds, whilst almost all deputies dropped terrified on the floor, three kept standing defiantly: acting Minister of Defense Manuel Gutiérrez Mellado, who stood up and ordered Tejero to desist; acting Prime Minister Adolfo Suárez, who remained sitting down instead of crouching on the floor; and Communist leader Santiago Carrillo, who, sitting down, calmly lit a cigarette and did not seem to be disturbed by the events.

General Gutiérrez Mellado, acting Minister of Defense, and Adolfo Suárez ordered the insurgents to disarm. The Guardia Civil agents assaulted them, following the attack, by firing numerous rounds from a submachine gun into the ceiling. By taking the parliament and dragooning the executive and legislative powers, they sought to create a power vacuum in which to establish a new political power.

Moreover, four of the deputies were separated from the rest: the still president of the government, Suárez; the opposition leader, Felipe González Márquez; the second on the rolls of the PSOE, Alfonso Guerra González; and Carrillo.

Shortly afterward, the Captain General of the Third Military Region, Jaime Milans del Bosch, rose up in Valencia, put tanks on the streets, declared a state of emergency and tried to convince other senior military figures to support the coup. At nine o'clock that night, a communication from the Interior Ministry announced the formation of a provisional government with the undersecretaries of different ministries, under the instructions of the King, to ensure governance of the state and a tight contact with the Assembly of Military Chiefs of Staff (Junta de Jefes del Estado Mayor). Meanwhile, another insurgent general, Torres Rojas, failed in his intent to supplant General Juste in the Brunete division of the military, giving up the intention to occupy strategic points in the capital, among them the seat of radio and television operations, and the proliferation of communiques about the success of the coup.

The refusal of the King to promote the coup led to it being called off during the night. The monarch assured himself after discussions, personal and with colleagues, of the fidelity of military leaders. He also noted the attitude of the President of the autonomous government of Catalonia, Jordi Pujol, who just before 10 p.m. that evening made a short speech via national broadcasting stations, to all of Spain and the exterior, calling for peace. Until 1:00 in the morning, negotiations took place around the Congress, with the participation of the acting government as well as General Alfonso Armada, who would later be relieved of duty over suspicion that he participated in the coup.

At 1:14 on 24 February, the king interceded on television, in uniform as the Captain General of the Armed Forces (Capitán General de los Ejércitos), the highest Spanish military rank, to position himself against the insurgents, defend the Spanish Constitution and undermine the authority of Milans del Bosch. He declared, "The crown, symbol of the permanence and unity of the nation, cannot tolerate, in any form, actions or attitudes attempting to interrupt the democratic process." At that moment, the coup was taken to be a failure. At midnight, Alfonso Armada presented himself in Congress with a dual objective: to convince Lieutenant Colonel Tejero to relinquish his posture and assume himself the role of head of government under the order of the king, in a clearly unconstitutional manner. But Armada was not the awaited "competent, military authority" and Tejero ignored him. For his part, Milans del Bosch, isolated, cancelled his plans at 5:00 that morning and was arrested, while Tejero resisted until midday of the 24th. The deputies were freed that morning.

Deputy Javier Solana has described how when he saw Tejero reading a special edition of the El País newspaper brought in by General Sáenz de Santamaría, which strongly condemned the hostage-taking, he knew that the coup had failed. Tejero was arrested outside the Congress building, and both he and Milans del Bosch were sentenced to thirty years in prison. Thirty people were eventually convicted for the attempted coup, out of an initial 300 who were involved.


After the coup, some suspects remained, especially according to the roles played by each one of the instigators and the intentions and resources of Armada. Without a doubt, the most immediate consequence was that the monarchy emerged powerfully reinforced by political resources and the public.

Later, in the judgement which followed before the Supreme Court of Military Justice, known as the Campamento trial (juicio de Campamento), Miláns del Bosch, Alfonso Armada and Antonio Tejero Molina were condemned as principally responsible for the coup d'état.

The civilian plot behind the coup was never investigated rigorously. Juan García Carrés, ex-leader of the Sindicato Vertical (the only legal trade union organisation in Francoist Spain), was the only civilian to be convicted.

Local nationalists have asserted that the LOAPA law limiting the devolution to the autonomous communities was passed to placate the military.

To date, 23-F has been the last coup attempt in the history of Western Europe.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

... 16th of February ...

Good morning people!

Well it would be better to say "good evening" but I want to think that the sun is still shining, getting on top of me.
I don't know what I can write but I am sure of one thing: I have to write because I didn't express my feelings for a week and it is long time.

As I told you in my Spanish blog, during these two weeks (or one in the case of this blog) nothing has happened. A little summary would be that...

I have to improve my capacity of memory and hold better the important points.

This is the most important thing. What else?...

I have to watch films! I have al least 20 films to watch and of course one serie with 4 season (if it didn't increase). These days if I have time I will keep reading Queen Of The Dammed and watching my personal marathon of films jajaja.

So, see you next time with some amazing news for you!