Tuesday, November 1, 2011

... I'm back ...

Hello ~ I dunno what to put here but I think I will start doing that because I think I improve my English during the last year writing here so, may be I'll upload something with nonsense or another time, I'll post about myself and my live. But now, I don't have it clever I just want to write here and learn new words!

So let's start with my last (and first) writing it's about How to study and improve your skill. And I write here because I think is important to us. Emjoy it~

Nowadays how to study is one of huge challenges for many teenagers. And that’s why I’ll explain some skills and give you a piece of advice to make study easy to you. Let’s go!

First of all you should plan your personal timetable. You ought to be realist and sincere with yourself. Moreover, think about a reward for yourself that could help you fulfill your personal study objectives.
Furthermore to make useful notes you need to have in mind the 6R:

- Register the main ideas.
- Resume after class with key words.
- Recite the text with the help of the key words.
- Reflect on questions that can help you, reviewing 10min/day your notes.
- Recap at the end of the paper like a summary of the subject in question.

If it’s possible make a fair copy the same day you’ve given it. Also it’s helpful create clues while you try to understand what you’re copying.

To improve your reading skill there is a method called SQ3R (Survey, Question, Read, Recite and Review) consisting in:

Pay attention to titles and subtitles to ask you about what kind of information can be there. Get a slowly reading and underline the main ideas of the text. Try to read it 4 or 5 times and recite all you can. Finally check the topic once you know it and obviously, before the exam.

You don’t have to learn it by heart it’s useless to you and it isn’t called study.

And the last tip is during your exam. Once you get the exam take a deep breath and read it long and hard, do a scheme about the questions you’re going to answer and don’t waste your time with the easiest ones.
To conclude I’ll let you an exam joke:

Pupil: Great news, teacher says we have an exam today come rain or shine.
Classmate: So what's so great about that?
Pupil: It's snowing outside!

Have a nice day/night ^ ^

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